Audi Brake & Clutch Repairs


Our range of brake services include hydraulic brake fluid flush and bleed, brake pad and shoe replacement, brake disc and brake drum machining or replacement, larger hard component replacement or overhaul including caliper re-building, brake master cylinder and brake booster replacement. Using OE or OEM quality parts and with our factory trained technicians we are able to fix and repair your Audi’s braking system to the same factory Audi standards and quality without the expensive dealer price tag.

“Ceramic” brake pads

The latest in brake pad technology is ceramic or low dust brake pads, our various OEM brake manufacturers have spent years developing low dust brake pad options for most Audi models giving the same feedback and OE pedal “feel” whilst reducing the amount of brake dust produced significantly; keeping your alloy rims cleaner for longer.

Why is a brake bleed important?

Brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture over time, it is important to have your brake fluid changed every two years to ensure safe and reliable braking performance for your Audi when you need it most. Regular brake fluid changes also give you the best chance of long component life and as little damage to larger brake components such as Master Cylinders and Calipers due to moisture or contaminants.
We also offer a range of performance brake upgrade options for most Audi models to give you better braking performance than the standard components. Ranging from upgraded sports pads, cross-drilled and slotted brake rotors, racing brake fluid through to big brake kits we can tailor a solution to suit your needs and budget.



At BWA Auto we can diagnose and fix all manual clutch components and problems for all Audi models. Ranging from hydraulic component replacement through to clutch and dual mass flywheel replacement, using OE and OEM quality components we can accurately diagnose and repair your Audi’s clutch system to the same standards as your local Audi dealer.

The clutch pedal is fast becoming a thing of the past as new car manufacturers develop better automatic and dual clutch gearbox technologies for the modern day passenger vehicle. Audi is no stranger to this trend and when driving a DSG or S-Tronic equipped vehicle it is no wonder why. Lightning fast gear changes, a feeling of control all while having the benefits of an automatic gearbox when driving around town. With new technologies come new challenges, at BWA Auto we have the tools, expertise and experience to repair and maintain the latest in DSG and S-Tronic gearboxes including clutch pack sets, mechatronic units and basic transmission servicing.

S-Tronic Tuning

Also on offer at BWA Auto is S-Tronic transmission software upgrades for certain Audi models; improving shift times, launch control limits, clamping pressures and many more attributes we can decrease clutch wear and improve the overall feeling and driving experience of your Audi.

Please phone or e-mail us to discuss your specific needs and one of our friendly service team will be happy to help you in your enquiry.


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