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Porsche’s are renowned the world over for their high performance braking system as standard, at BWA Auto we take pride in carrying out braking system repairs with factory trained technicians and using only the best quality components to ensure your high performance vehicle’s braking system is never compromised. Using only OE and OEM quality parts we are able to repair and maintain the brakes on all Porsche models currently on the road, from 356 through to Cayenne we have the Marque from Stuttgart covered in every way.
We also offer a comprehensive range of performance brake components for most Porsche models to lift the overall performance of your vehicle’s braking system to new levels. With plenty of options available to you including performance brake pads, slotted and cross-drilled brake rotors, racing brake fluid all the way up to big brake kit conversions there is a tailored solution available that we can offer you.


“Ceramic” brake pads

While performance options are fantastic for the owner who takes his Porsche to the race track we also now are able to offer an “upgrade” for those who drive their car solely on the road. The OEM brake manufacturers that we deal with have been working on a low dust brake pad option or “ceramic” brake pad to deal with the most common of all brake complaints, dust. The ceramic brake pads that we now offer will significantly reduce brake dust whilst still retaining the factory pedal feel without sacrificing the braking performance that you would have no doubt become accustomed to, all the while keeping your rims cleaner for longer.


Why is a brake bleed important?

It is necessary to change your brake fluid every two years because it absorbs moisture over time and if not changed will cause a spongy brake pedal and deterioration to your braking performance and then even component failure such as brake calipers and brake master cylinders.




With the largest range of new Porsche parts under one roof in Australia we are well equipped to be able to handle any clutch problem and repair for all Porsche models. With factory trained technicians and using only OE and OEM quality components all jobs are carried out to the strictest Porsche standards.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and with it the clutch pedal is soon becoming obsolete. Driving a PDK equipped vehicle will soon have you singing the praises of this new technology, rapid gear changes and launch control are making cars faster and faster; even the latest generation of GT3’s have embraced this technology overall making for a faster vehicle. With this new wave of technology brings a set of new challenges and at BWA we are well equipped to handle all PDK related problems and repair needs with all the latest factory tools and training.

Please call or e-mail our experienced service department to discuss any needs you may have and we will be happy to help you further.

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