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With a diverse range of services including brake disc and drum machining or replacement, brake pad and shoe replacement, brake master cylinder and booster replacement down to hydraulic brake fluid bleed we have the technical capabilities to carry out any Mercedes or AMG brake job you may need. With factory trained technicians and using OE and OEM quality brake components we can carry out a manufacturer standard job at prices that will make you take notice.


Complementing our standard services we also offer a range of performance brake upgrade options for most Mercedes models including AMG. With performance brake pads, upgraded sport brake discs, big brake upgrades and racing brake fluid there is an option available to suit your needs.

Why should I change my brake fluid?

The brake hydraulic fluid is what connects your brake pedal to the brake caliper; it is important that you carry out a brake bleed and flush every two years on your Mercedes as brake fluid is hydroscopic so it absorbs moisture. If this is left to continue the degradation in the quality of fluid it will lead to a spongy brake pedal, poor brake performance and even larger component failure due to moisture or contamination.

“Ceramic” brake pads

One of the most common complaints from our Mercedes customers is brake dust, the standard genuine Mercedes brake pads and in fact most European vehicles brake well but consequently produce a lot of brake dust. OEM brake manufacturers have spent years developing low dust brake pad options for most Mercedes and AMG models reducing brake dust dramatically whilst still retaining the same pedal “feel” as the car came out with. This is currently our fastest growing line of products and for good reason, the next time your Mercedes needs a set of brakes give one of our experienced and friendly service team a call to get your comparative quote.

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