Representing only the best and leading manufacturers in the wheel industry BWA Auto can offer you custom wheels to suit your taste, desire and budget.

iForged Performance Alloys

iForged is a full service fabrication and custom wheel design facility. All iForged wheels are custom fabricated for your vehicle and available in a variety of sizes and custom finishes. Their 30 plus years in the automotive wheel industry separate them from the ordinary.

ForgeStar Wheels

With over 30 years of combined experience in the automotive wheel industry Forgestar Performance Wheels has bridged the gap between forged wheels and cast wheels. Forgestar Performance Wheels is proud to introduce the world’s first one piece lightweight rotary forged custom flow formed wheel line up.

Volkswagen Racing Wheels

Wheels are often considered a fashion statement among car enthusiasts, however many may not realize the wrong wheel can considerably decrease performance. The VWR Alloy Wheels are the exact same wheels developed for use on the Volkswagen Racing Cup race cars due to their excellent balance between weight, strength, appearance and cost.

VWR spent a considerable amount of time extensively developing the wheels which included destroying many test wheels on the track. Ultimately VWR was able to achieve a light weight, heat treated, 19.8 lbs wheel (22 lbs for the 18″ x 9″), ensuring a significant weight savings over the OEM wheels while retaining the strength needed for both street and track use. VWR’s light weight wheels reduce unsprung weight, resulting in quicker acceleration, better braking, tighter handling and better response while maintaining a comfortable ride.

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