Haldex System Upgrades

PreX is a newly developed system which broadens the product range of the Traction Systems division and complements the existing AWD system. With the Haldex upgrade you will see that torque transfer to the rear wheels during acceleration is much more aggressive. Increased torque transfer to the rear wheels during acceleration provides more consistent vehicle performance, as well as more neutral handling characteristics. In addition, the Haldex ECU monitors throttle input and transfers torque more quickly to the rear wheels when driving aggressively. In fact, how quickly the torque is transferred is a direct function of how fast the driver pushes the throttle pedal. The Haldex unit will actually anticipate and prepares for torque transfer before actual torque is delivered from the engine to the driveline. Lastly, all safety features will continue to function. For example, during ABS assisted braking or ESP intervention, the Haldex unit will smartly stop transferring torque to the rear to avoid any interference with the vehicle’s OE safety systems.

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