ECU Upgrades

BWA Auto offers an extensive range of ECU upgrades from the leaders in performance software from DMS Automotive and EVOMSit. We have software to suit your cars performance enhancements, be it exhaust and intake modifications, turbo and engine upgrades or injector and fuel pump upgrades. We also offer ECU upgrades for the latest diesel cars from Mercedes.

DMS Automotive

DMS Automotive are an internationally operating company with headquarters and their main research development facility based in the UK.

Allowing DMS to release your engine’s natural potential couldn’t be simpler. Our software engineers spend months creating and refining new management programs for individual engines and models. We have packages to suit an incredible range of cars, from small turbo diesels to the latest supercars.

For the range of Mercedes petrol and diesel engines we offer engine management upgrades for most models. Impressive performance gains with sharper response and improved driveability are achieved. DMS cater for many models from the C Class up to the AMG Flagship S65 V12 Bi Turbo with impressive gains. Black series upgrades also available. Factory smoothness is not compromised and upon request the factory speed limiter can be removed (Model Specific).


EVOMSit software combines our superior mechanical expertise with an unequivocal capacity to calibrate the most complex automotive computer electronics. When you experience an EVOMSit software upgrade for your vehicle, you will begin to realize our world of intelligent tuning, insanely tuned. EVOMSit software calibrations have been tested under the most grueling conditions during dyno simulation in our state-of-the-art AWD dyno cell as well as in real world driving on the street and on the race track. We further scrutinize and refine our software during our eDRIVE independent product validation program to produce unmatched results.

Our stringent testing assures pure, crisp and consistent power in all of the conditions you enjoy your vehicle. We spend 100% of our R&D efforts on the development and testing of performance software, period! The combination of our meticulous mechanical expertise, painstaking attention to details and our unequivocal capacity to calibrate the most complex automotive computers, clearly sets us apart in the world automotive software tuning. EVOMSit performance software represents the apex of technology where pure adrenaline is fused with ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE

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